Saturday, April 20, 2013


Er du norsk? Prøve finne informasjon på norsk side
If you want to lift your Hilux, there is plenty of ready kit's for every of model and generetion of Toyota hilux.
Try to find your kit here:
Toyota Hilux Lift kits - custom spec and pricing

Remember to use professional parts, when you want to cheaply lift your car, please don't do that!! THIS IS YOUR SAFETY!! and other people!!. Just safe more money or borrow from the bank to buy best parts!.
You gonna thank me for that tip.
Anyway look at this and don't mount parts like this if is really necessary. Those parts lifting your car in about 20mm 1 Inch 1" or little more but then your wheel geometry sucks:

When you buy professional kit, you need to change also shocks, springs, mountings. When you buy super lift kit you gonna get new frame for that - but this is really awesome, this is gonna lift your car about 3 to 4 inches. (3" - 4" , 30-70 mm). And you gonna get safe, high, and good driving car.

This yellow frame in pictures you get with other parts. In front and back. Just google it.
Ebay or allegro or finn. You can also buy from another country.
Just DO IT RIGHT!!! Thank YOU :)


  1. Thanks for sharing so detailed information, however I would like to inform you that I am living in Slacks Creek, can anyone give me an address from where I can get 4X4 accessories for my car in cheapest rates?

  2. I think there is no cheap way to lift car properly :(